20 Minute Scenic Tour – Parry Sound

$189 per person 20 minutes

Embark on a 20-minute scenic helicopter tour above Parry Sound, where spectacular views are all around as you soar through the air, enjoying the rugged beauty of the terrain below.



If you have a gift card, date and time can be booked with us directly. Please contact us for details 519-650-4542 or info@glheli.ca

Take an amazing 20-minute helicopter tour over the majestic Parry Sound, where the beauty of Georgian Bay unfolds beneath you. The tranquil beauty of the environment is enhanced by this unique bird’s-eye view, which transforms the scenery into a living mix of land and water, enabling you to explore the hidden gems of Parry Sound’s rich and vivid terrain.


Group Size: 1-3 people (minimum of 2 tickets)

Flight Time: 20 Minutes

Duration: 25 Minutes

Need to Know:

Arrive 10 minutes before selected time at 51 Great North Rd, Parry Sound (Parry Sound Waterfront)

Weather notice:

Your safety and enjoyment is our top priority. Weather and other unforeseen circumstances can get in the way of that. If your tour is canceled due to inclement weather, we will work with you to reschedule your flight for another day. There will be no additional charge if your flight is canceled due to weather. If you are unable to reschedule your tour for another day, we can issue you a full refund.

Weight Restrictions

Due to the nature of aircraft, weight can be a limiting factor. If we are unable to accommodate a passenger due to weight restrictions a refund will not be issued. So please read the restrictions below carefully.

The maximum single seat weight is 275 lbs, being total weight of 500 lbs for up to 3 people


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